January 18, 2023 Cecilia Aquilina

2024-02-01 | 14:22:20

"Great service, reasonably priced, timely and very professional. My husband and I highly recommend them."
October 13, 2022 Justin Hutton

2022-12-16 | 20:52:31

"Quick professional and friendly service. I highly recommend Gray Wolf Plumbing."
October 13, 2022 Shara Sage

2022-12-16 | 20:52:14

"Very knowledgeable! They explained everything to where you could understand what is/will be happening. I've heard excellent things from other customers also!!"
September 27, 2021 Ronald Sivertson

2021-11-17 | 17:16:46

"Josh updated and rerouted kitchen and salon room drains. Excellent workmanship and the least costly and invasive solution which saved likely thousands of dollars."
May 25, 2021 Elizabeth King

2024-03-15 | 15:25:02

"These guys are great, you couldn't ask for better or more reliable service."
August 15, 2020 Walt Pursell

"Positive , Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Thanks, for all Quality work that you do for us"